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Month of the Press – For a greener World

Until April 29th, in KidZania, takes place the 2nd Edition of the Month of the Press Expresso/Visão establishment.

Since April 13th and May 3rdare literary celebrations days, KidZania will hold a contest aimed at rewarding the best journalists of the city of children’s Expresso/Visão newsroom.

After the evaluation of the 20 best interviews or opinion columns in competition, the 2012 KidZanitZer Gala will be held, featuring the prize delivery to the best journalist of KidZania.

The theme chosen for this edition is "A greener world". This theme is interconnected with the worldwide theme of KidZania’s "United Children for a greener world" campaign which aims at raising awareness, throughout messages from the children, in order to protect our environment. Our journalists will be able to interview the kidZanians and visitors and show their ideas in order to create a better world without pollution or write an opinion column with ideas on how to preserve the environment.

The best journalist can win the KidZanitZer trophy for best journalist 2012 and a 500 kidZos check. Come to the KidZania don't miss the opportunity to become a famous journalist of our city and contribute to building a "greener" society.

Click here for the contest rules.